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Audition Information

Hello everyone. Below is a letter outlining the new audition guidelines, as well as a video that explains it. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO IS CONSIDERING AUDITIONING/INTERVIEWING NEXT WEEK. Thank you!

All of the OCHS Theatre staff believe in person auditions and interviews (link) are valuable for students and staff. In the interest of planning towards a return to school in a safer way, we have put together the processes and format below for the cast auditions and crew interviews scheduled for August 4, 5, & 6, 2020.

Same as previous years:

  • “Open call” auditions and interview times. Meaning the staff are in the little theater for the entire time frame posted and see students on a first come, first audition/interview basis.

  • Theatre Student Officers (TSO) are in the hallway outside the little theater organizing and keeping waiting students quiet and ready.

  • For auditions, students come into the little theater as individuals or with a pre-selected partner to audition on the stage. For the crew interviews, students come into the little theater on stage individually.

  • When students are done auditioning/interviewing, they leave the little theater stage and leave the building.

  • Students are notified via email and/or posting on website/social media as to the cast/crew decisions made.

CHANGES for this year:

  • Students will be socially distanced in the hallway waiting for their turn. The hallway will have rubber circles on the floor to assist with the spacing.

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask. Students will be allowed to remove masks when on stage completing the actual audition/interview. If students arrive without a mask, a mask will be provided.

  • In place of the paper application, students will complete the application form via a Google form before coming to the audition/interview. This Google form is posted on our website for students to access and complete prior to the audition/interview dates.

  • Students and parent/guardians are required to also complete the OCHS Wellness Form prior to attending the audition/interviews. The link for this form is within the application form and posted on our website.

  • There will be signage at entry and exit points, to help reinforce the distancing and give notice of mask requirements.

  • Students should park in the southwest parking lot (student parking lot). If being dropped off/picked up, students can be dropped off in the northwest parking lot off of Groveland Avenue. All students should walk around outside, the north side of the building between the cafeteria and Miller Park. Weather permitting, students will wait outside in Miller Park, outside, socially distanced, to be called in when ready for their audition/interview. Students will enter the building using Door # 10 on the north side of the building.

  • If students/families are not comfortable attending the auditions/interviews in this manner, there is an alternative audition/interview (link) via a Google form and recorded video the student must submit ahead of time. See the website for the alternate audition/interview information.

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