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Murder in the Wings

By Laura Shea

Fall Play 2016

Directors: Andrew Steeves and Ashley Retzlaff

Fly by Night

Musical by Kim Rosenstock, Michael Mitnick, and Will Connolly

Winter Musical 2017

Directors: Andrew Steeves, Nikki Platt and Ashley Retzlaff

Music Direction: Gillian Pacetti

Jerry Award Nominations

Outstanding Musical

Outstanding Orchestra

Outstanding Lead Performer: Lindsay Gleason (Narrator), Alexis Cuda (Narrator) Summer Kleppek (Miriam)

 Travis Cheever (Harold McClam), Mackenzie Starich (Daphne), Marco Armanious (Mr. McClam)

Outstanding Supporting Performer: Jamee Edlebeck (Miriam’s mom), Jared Vande Guchte (Crabble), Joey Cummings (Gypsy)

Outstanding Direction: Nikki Platt & Ashley Retzlaff

Outstanding Musical Direction: Gillian Pacetti

Outstanding Stage Management: Morgan Johnson & Abby Kubik

Outstanding Scenic Design: Matt Lonergan

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