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Variations on a Theme 

by Ed Monk 


We're Not Making This Play Up As We Go Honest!

by Bradley Walton

Fall Play 2013

Director: Elizabeth Fritz

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The World Goes 'Round

Musical by David Thompson, Scott Ellis, and Susan Stroman

Winter Musical 2014

Director: Tom Weissgerber

Music Director: Nikki Mattfeld

Choreographer: Tina Wozniak 

Tech Director: Elizabeth Fritz

Jerry Awards Won

Outstanding Ensemble

Outstanding Supporting Performer: Andrea Hyatt

Jerry Award Nominations

Outstanding Orchestra

Outstanding Musical Numbers: “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup”, “Sara Lee”, “Money, Money” and “The Grass is Always Greener”

Outstanding Lead Performer: Ben Quartemont, Allison Steinberg

Outstanding Director: Tom Weissgerber

Outstanding Musical Director: Nikki Mattfeld

Outstanding Choreographer: Tina Wozniak

Outstanding Lighting Design: Rick Chojnacki

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