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Now we Need Directors!

First, congratulations on the writers who have submitted such an array of scripts! We are planning on putting on four shows for the Radio Play Festival, the scripts for which are linked below. The next step is to find directors for these lovely shows, and that could be you! Each show will have a director and a technical director, which means we will have eight positions open to fill. Below, you can find a brief FAQ, descriptions of the expectations of each role, and links to the scripts so that you can read them in advance of the interview.

We will be holding director interviews for our Student Radio Play Festival on FEBRUARY 1st in the Little Theatre at 3pm. If you are interested, please fill out this form in advance.


  • What are you looking for in an applicant?

    • By their nature, being either a director or technical director is a leadership position, and what we'll be most looking for is evidence of leadership, that you feel you can get the job done. ​

  • Can students apply in pairs?​

    • There will be a part of the application form where you can indicate a preference of whom you'd like to work with. Whether or not you'll end up with your indicated preference will depend on a variety of factors, but we will take it into consideration. ​

  • Can I pick which specific show I want to direct?​

    • As above, you can indicate a preference, but due to a variety of factors, you may be asked to direct a different show, should you be selected. ​

  • Will there be separate crew interviews?​

    • Cast auditions will be held on February 15th. There will be no individual crew interviews, due to the nature of an audio production, the need for a running crew is largely unnecessary. ​

  • What are the expectations for a director/tech director?​

    • Excellent question! See below. ​

Expectations for Director

The Director will manage the vocal performances of the actors in order to get the best possible performance out of them. The director will work with the technical director to create a calendar that gives the production enough time to rehearse, record, and edit their production.

Expectations for Technical Director

The Technical Director will manage the production aspects of the show, organizing audio files, working with actors on capturing the best sound quality, handling the audio FX, and eventually working with Mr. Steeves or our sound engineer in order to create a polished, finished product.

  • What if the roles overlap, and the technical director weighs in on performance, and the director weighs in on editing?

    • Good collaboration is key to a successful production. The theatre adults will trust that you can find a dynamic that works for you, and will be on hand to help resolve any​ conflicts or issues that may arise.


Love on the Other Side

By: Erin Chin

A Long Day on the Water

By: Meghan Braun

The Beast in the Sky

By: Carter Bauer


By: Sam Rewolinski and Jack Scharff

So, if you're interested, please read through the plays, complete the interview form below, and come to the Little Theatre on Monday, February 1st at 3pm. Thank you!

Questions? Email Mr. Steeves at

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