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OCHS Theatre is proud to announce that we are hosting our first ever Student-Directed Radio Festival! We have four amazing shows with four amazing directors, and  a talented cast of voice actors!  



Love on the Other Side

Written by: Erin Chin

Directed by: Caitlyn Nguyen

Everybody has a love story, but not all of them are published. This play takes a look at a quieter love story, that is no less powerful.

Kimberly: Autumn Kanter

Rodger/Nick:Tre Thomas Martin

Natalie: Ash Scott

Announcer: Isabella Holterman

A Long Day on the Water

Written by: Meghan Braun

Directed by: Tyler Jossart

Romance! Exotic locales! A woman on the run, and a deadly plot against her. This tale of gripping intrigue will keep you hooked through the end. 

Cynthia: Abby Hanzel

Bruce: Mitchell Clark

Lawrence: Minwoo Ruehle

Joyce: Lexie Riefel

Conductor/Bartender: Norah McDaniel

Announcer: Sam Peterson

The Beast in the Sky

Written by: Carter Bauer

Directed by: Erin Chin

Strange things move in the dark. Reports of some sort of creature, stalking the woods. Join two radio D.J.s as they peel back the curtain between our world and the unknown.

Em: Autumn Kanter

Danny: Tre Thomas Martin

Carol: Ash Scott

Stephanie: Sam Steffes

Jean/Reese: Isabella Holterman


Written by: Sam Rewolinski and Jack Scharff

Directed by: Sophie Schaubel

Working as a 911 dispatcher isn't glamourous. Between the prank calls and crazy requests, it can be a lot. But when things get real, there's no one better to be on the other side of that phone. 

Operator/Reporter (M): Mitchell Clark

Carla/Wife/Nervous Woman/dog (F): Lexie Riefel

Drunk guy/Sad, Lonely Man/News Anchor/Crazy Dave (M): Minwoo Ruehle

Joseph/Fire boy/Teen (M/F): Sam Peterson

Questions? Email Mr. Steeves at a.steeves@ocfsd.org