Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone

Sally Coter Posyer PNG.PNG

Sally has a dream about being the main character of her favorite books. She’s arrived at Frogbull Academy of Sorcery and makes friends with Dave and Harmonica. What should be an awesome school year gets disrupted by  the ever present threat of Lord Murderdeath and the mysterious Censor who keeps rewriting the story as we go along. This loving wizard parody will thrill fans and newcomers alike. 

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Cast List


Sally Cotter: Megan Braun

Dave : Ignacio Rivera

Harmonica : Bethy Havas

Reubenon Ryebread : James McGee

The Censor: Abigail Hanzel

Professor Albatross Underdrawers: Mitchell Clark

Ed Molar: Caleb James

Murderdeath : JT Trepanier 

Professor Shiftia Shape :Norah McDaniel

Ursa Malaise: Sophie Schaubel

Mother : Carlie Peterson

Cowboy : AJ Golembiewski


Beetle Beatles: 

1.Ian Pena - John Lennon

2. Zach Mannebach- Paul McCartney

3. Edgar Mazariegos- George Harrison

4.Isaiah Mannebach -Ringo Star



1.Elliot Donarski (Slymything)

2.Alex Payne (Huggermug)

3.Anna Larch (Raymensbur)

Crew Positions

Stage Manager, Cast: Allison Weber

Stage Manager,  Flex Cast & Crew: Samantha Peterson

Stage Manager, Crew: Maxwell Blooming


Set & Props Crew Head: Grace Mensch

1.Charles Kasper

2.Milena Francher

3.Elise Hawkins

4. Lilian Werth- Rosploch


Costumes Crew Head: Ollie Au

1.Breanna Moore

2. Ashley Uelmen

3.Claire Maggard

4. Lexie Riefel


Hair & Makeup Crew Head: Sofia DiChristopher McBria

1.Xayoncey Martin

2. Lauren Leranth

3. Mara Kutz 


Sound & Lights 

1.Shannon Martin

2. Carolyn Mensch

3. Molly Navarro

4.David Alonso


Marketing Crew Head: Riley Watson

1.Kaltrina Hoxha

2.Carol Broude

3. Alanna Porter